Kingsborough Community College – Renovation of Building T-1

Brooklyn, NY


Client:                                                                        CUNY – Kingsborough Community College
Project:                                                                  Renovation of Building T-1
Epic’s role:                                                       Construction Manager/Design/Build
Task Order cm/design/build cost:     $11 million
T-1 Construction Cost:                                                $6.5 million

As part of Task Order No. 6, Epic was selected to provide CM/Design/Build Services for the gut renovation of Building T-1 for CUNY’s central University Application Processing Center (UAPC.) Processing all applications for CUNY’s twenty-four higher education institutions, the UAPC performs a critical role and was formerly situated in two different buildings, T-1 and T-2.

The T-1 and T-2 buildings were impacted by Hurricane Sandy and consequently the 110 member UAPC department was forced to evacuate and relocate to other CUNY facilities. In response Epic planned and managed a most aggressive 210-day construction schedule which was met for the UAPC to seamlessly resume the normal winter 2014 application processing surge for the Fall 2014 freshman class.

Extensive program planning and design considerations for operations, security and efficiency created a more secure and streamlined UAPC operation.

CUNY Kingsborough Reno T1.2
CUNY Kingsborough Reno T1.3
CUNY Kingsborough Reno T1.2
CUNY Kingsborough Reno T1.3

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